Must-Have EDC Tool

What do you carry in your pockets every day?  I bet it is more than you think.  I will bet that you carry items that have more usefulness than what they were initially designed and intended for.  I would also wager that you don’t carry what I believe is the most important item. If you … Continue reading Must-Have EDC Tool

Rifle Upgrades – One Man’s Opinion

“I got my new rifle!  What upgrade should I do to it first?” This is a question I get asked frequently, both by friends and from students who take my classes.  Some may think this is a difficult question to answer while others may think the answer is plainly obvious.  Before I explain my answer, … Continue reading Rifle Upgrades – One Man’s Opinion

“Calling CQ” – Learning A New Skill

If you’re like me, you’ve been trying to do all you can to stay busy, entertained, and occupied during this time of self-isolation.  At the time of writing this (April 10th), I’ve already completely cleaned and reorganized the garage, my shed, my medicine cabinet, my gun cabinet, the cabinets under my sinks, my kitchen cabinets, … Continue reading “Calling CQ” – Learning A New Skill

Record-Setting Bunch!

2020 has gotten off to a very interesting start, to say the least.  So much has already caused worry, anxiety, negativity, and division within not only our country but the world as a whole.  Usually we can get a small vacation from things like that by going to the range and immersing ourselves in the … Continue reading Record-Setting Bunch!

How Does Barrel Length Affect Velocity?

Lately I’ve been curious about the performance of my 10.5” AR pistol barrel chambered in 5.56.  Specifically, I wanted to know how far the round could travel while still being considered ballistically-acceptable for personal defense.  Additionally, I wanted to know how much of a difference there was in terms of drop-off at a given distance … Continue reading How Does Barrel Length Affect Velocity?