6 thoughts on “#RedneckScience 9mm Ammunition Test

  1. I would like to see a follow up video of the ammunition that seemed to have the best results with more shots per ammunition type.


    1. I still have the original boxes that I used during this testing. I will look into making a follow-up that details only one firearm and more shots per test. Thank you for the suggestion!


  2. I can’t find the link to the pdf with the results. Can you email it to me? I didn’t take notes. I enjoyed the video a bunch but forgot what yard you shot at.


  3. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the science behind this video, test results would vary wildly with different guns used. It mainly holds relevance with the barrel that was used. When looking at accuracy tests with with different barrels it mainly comes down to the barrel+ammo combination. The stock barrel + a specific ammo brand/load/grain count could possibly shoot better groups than any aftermarket brand. So I see why you got a threaded one, it has a duel purpose. I would like to see a similar test like this done with a Glock 19.


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