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We are focused on promoting safety, security, and preparedness in all communities through education and experiences. We achieve this by offering training and consulting services on a wide range of topics through seminars and classes. Private classes and consultations are also available for those who would like a more focused approach based on their needs.

At the moment, all of our in-person services are hosted in North and South Carolina, however we do have information available virtually through our Blog, our YouTube channel, and our Instagram page. Be sure to check out our Events Calendar for upcoming classes!

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“Calling CQ” – Learning A New Skill

If you’re like me, you’ve been trying to do all you can to stay busy, entertained, and occupied during this time of self-isolation.  At the time of writing this (April 10th), I’ve already completely cleaned and reorganized the garage, my shed, my medicine cabinet, my gun cabinet, the cabinets under my sinks, my kitchen cabinets, … Continue reading “Calling CQ” – Learning A New Skill

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